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ColorPlus Technology

Welcome to the Future of Siding with James Hardie ColorPlus Technology

At Kansas City Exterior Professionals, we're proud to offer James Hardie siding products, featuring the revolutionary ColorPlus technology. This advanced siding solution combines the durability of fiber cement with a superior finish, ensuring your home looks stunning for years to come.

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ColorPlus Technology

Unparalleled Durability Meets Vibrant Beauty: Discover James Hardie ColorPlus Technology

At Kansas City Exterior Professionals, we understand that choosing the right siding for your home is a significant decision. That's why we proudly recommend James Hardie siding products enhanced with ColorPlus Technology—a cutting-edge solution that combines robust durability with stunning visual appeal. With a meticulously formulated paint applied in a factory setting, James Hardie provides a siding option that not only stands the test of time but also elevates the aesthetic of your home. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a 15-year finish warranty, covering both paint and labor, and discover how this technology offers a paint cycle that can save you over $5,000 over 15 years.

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Maintenance Tips and Design Trends: Maximizing Your Investment in James Hardie ColorPlus Technology

Owning a home with James Hardie ColorPlus Technology siding means enjoying lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. However, to ensure your siding remains in pristine condition, regular cleaning and inspections are key. Learn simple yet effective tips to maintain your siding’s appearance and integrity, extending its lifespan and maximizing your investment. Additionally, delve into the latest design trends that James Hardie siding can accommodate. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with vibrant colors or aiming for a timeless look with classic hues, James Hardie’s versatile design options allow you to tailor your home’s exterior to your personal style—all while benefiting from the unparalleled durability and fade resistance of ColorPlus Technology.


Maintenance Tips for Your Siding

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your James Hardie siding is straightforward with these expert tips. Regular maintenance not only keeps your siding looking great but also ensures it performs its best year after year.

Regular Cleaning

Keep your siding clean from dirt, debris, and mildew by gently washing it with a garden hose and a soft brush or cloth. For tougher stains, a mild detergent solution can be used. This simple step helps maintain the vibrant color and integrity of the siding.

Periodic Inspections

Conduct semi-annual inspections of your siding to check for any signs of damage, such as cracks, chips, or peeling. Early detection of these issues allows for prompt repairs, preventing more significant problems down the line.

Immediate Repairs

If you notice any damage, it's crucial to address it immediately. James Hardie products come with excellent warranties, but maintaining that coverage often depends on following proper maintenance protocols.

Trim Vegetation

Ensure that trees, bushes, and other vegetation are trimmed back from your home. This prevents moisture retention on the siding and reduces the risk of damage from branches or vines.

Ready to transform your home with James Hardie ColorPlus Siding?

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ColorPlus Technology

Ready to Upgrade Your Home's Exterior?

If you're considering an upgrade to your home's exterior, James Hardie siding with ColorPlus Technology offers unmatched durability, beauty, and value. Our team at Kansas City Exterior Professionals is here to guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the perfect color and style to professional installation.

Transform your home with the beauty, durability, and efficiency of James Hardie siding. Contact Kansas City Exterior Professionals today to get started on your home's transformation.

Expert Consultation

Start with a personalized consultation to explore your siding options. We'll help you understand the benefits of James Hardie products and how they can enhance your home's appearance and value.

Custom Design Services

Utilize our design services to visualize your home's transformation. See how different styles and colors of James Hardie siding can revolutionize your home's curb appeal.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installation team ensures your siding is installed to James Hardie's exacting standards, providing optimal performance and longevity.

Ongoing Support

Even after your siding project is complete, we're here to provide maintenance tips, warranty support, and answers to any questions you may have.


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